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Opinion 13 hours ago. Happy mcgarrybowen's Kartik Iyer and Praveen Das n Ultimately, a set was built at Filmcity, Mumbai -- which had a nondescript, yesteryears small-town feel to it -- and was made to look like a typical shopping street in a hill station.

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The flute, too, was modernised to a concert flute.

relliance Can posing celebrities be a ' They are all mobile phone customers. The TVC begins with a man looking crestfallen at a 'members only' sign, while a young boy is disheartened by an 'extras charged' sign. Keyframe animation was used for some rats; while the rest of them were made to scamper around with the help of the simulation technique the creation of a mass of rats running together, without making the movements too identical to each other.

Reljance flute music track has been composed by Sameer Uddin, who tweaked the Reliance signature tune to make it more playful, in sync with the theme. New Honda spot traces storyline of recent Hero ad Hrithik, too, acquires a flute, and begins leading all the mice to a cliff in true 'Pied Piper' style, where they begin jumping off, thus leaving the Reliance Mobile consumers happy.

What creative challenges do OTT content heads face LinkedIn India's country head Akshay Kothari has b The Work Dec 14, The cliff, the hoardings and the signboards were created digitally in post production.

Simply Reliance - Hrithik Roshan with Flute in

We smell a rat. The shape and outline of a rat was studied so that the text could be warped into the tnoe. Next, the characteristics and movements of rats were worked upon, such as the scampering or the hurried, skittish movements. Viasys Digital Network to launch Marathi news chan Abhik Santara is head of office, Ogilvy Mumbai Advertising. That's where the Pied Piper theme came from," Ramki explains.

Opinion 13 hours ago. When asked how difficult it was to reflect the 'Pied Piper of Hamelin' in a positive light, he said, "With Hrithik dancing, some delightful music, unusual animation and the general joy that comes from the 'liberation', it was not difficult to brighten toen the tale.

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Hrithik Roshan is watching all their disappointed faces, roshxn begins whistling a tune to attract all the irritants, which in turn, begin to turn into mice. Advertising 7 hours ago. The 'remixed' costume was designed by Surily Goel. Advertising Jun 08, Considering Roshan's long hair, the team's inspiration for his costume came from rock band, Jethro Tull's frontman, Ian Anderson's look.

Is this an Airtel ad, 'content', a music video or Airtel and Hotstar announce strategic partnership. Similarly, a girl is upset with a 'conditions apply' board. And presto -- Roshan was made to wear a velvet blue tailcoat, but over jeans and boots; quite a diversion from the original Pied Piper's "queer long coat from heel to head", which "was half of yellow and half of reliiance.

The new commercial for Reliance Mobile has actor, Hrithik Roshan playing a blue-robed, modern-day Pied Piper of sorts, playing the flute and luring 'rats' - all sorts of 'restrictions' and 'conditions' in the telecom space - ultimately leading them over a cliff, where they fall to their 'death'. And there's quite a science behind the recreation of this legendary tale.

Simply Reliance - Hrithik Roshan with Flute in Ringtone - Download to your cellphone from PHONEKY

The post production took about 10 days and involved 30 people. Roshan's quaint dance moves have been choreographed by Prabhudeva -- apparently Roshan's idea, as the two had worked magic for a song in the movie, Lakshya. Ten Sports unveils new network rosuan Media Publishing. The film demanded that the 'conditions' text from hoardings and signboards transform into digitally created rats, emerging and following Roshan to the top of a cliff where they fall off.

The film has been produced by Sunil Manchanda.

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