Carrom board game rules

Different standards and rules exist in different areas. In the event of a foul being committed but the opponent having no potted carrom men to return to the centre , the penalty is simply owed until a piece becomes available. If a piece falls off from the carrom board, it should be placed at the center. The player is not allowed to move or get up from his chair while shooting. Learn the significance of carrom pieces.

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Carrom also spelled carom is a cue sport -based tabletop game of South Asian origin.

Boards with larger pockets are used by beginners for easier game play. Make sure you flick the striker instead of pushing it.

Carrom Board- The Game, Rules And Accessories – olympic trophies – Medium

If you have more than 24 points, you receive no additional points for pocketing the queen. The red coin at the center is called the queen. If the queen was potted and covered by the losing player these points are not counted. Usually, a coin flip is used to determine who goes first, but there are no strict rules. It is best to decide this before you begin playing. A variant of carrom is played in South Africa under the name fingerboard Afrikaans: By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

The scissors shot is less commonly used, but you may find it more comfortable.

Remember, you must remain seated at all times. Make sure each outer piece must touch the inner circle. If the queen is potted at the same time as the opponents carrom piecethe queen is returned to the centre circle together with the players penalty piece.

If you do not manage to cover the queen then she comes back into play and is replaced in the very centre of the board. These boards rues also be printed with the circular pattern for playing crokinole. You cannot play with both hands.

Carrom Rules and Regulations That'll Help You Master the Game

In accordance with the ICF rules, pocketing the queen adds 3 points to the player's total score. Other play-area sizes are not used in tournaments and competitions. A Anonymous Sep 17, eules If two, the players sit opposite each other, while with four, the opposite two are partners. Retrieved May 24, What should be considered?

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Do this to the striker. Crossing the diagonal lines on the board by coming in touch with it, or pocketing the striker is a foul.

There are no hard and fast rules in carrom as long as the striker is flicked and not pushed. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3.

Carrom Rules

Inside the box was the instruction sheet exactly like you have on this website. You also need to understand the function of the 9 black and 9 white playing pieces, 2 striker pieces, and red queen, which acts like the black 8-ball in billiards.

In the fourth round, your opponent wins and scores 5 points, giving him or her a total score caerom 14 points. Icebreakers for Large Groups. The carom board which is the playing ground of the game usually comes in wood, while there are also plastic boards available. Things to do at a Bonfire.

Boric acid powder is the most commonly used for this purpose [13] [14]. It is also played seriously all over Asia, with international tournaments for cash gaem.

However all parts of the body, including feet and knees must remain behind the carrom table and stay in the players quadrant within the foul lines. It is illegal to pot the Queen after the last piece since the queen must always be covered.

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