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Selling and Managing Airline Reservations and Travel SMART course teaches the skills and knowledge required to sell, make and manage flight, hotel and car reservations in a simulation of the Galileo system. Travel and Tourism Workshop Classroom. In this course you will learn about customer service in the travel industry highlighting its importance in retaining current business while attracting new business. Passenger Fares and Ticketing - Advanced Classroom, 10 days.

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This course teaches the language of fare construction and fare rules so you provide your customers with the best advice and the lowest fare for their air itinerary.

Customer needs frequently change.

You will gain confidence in pricing more complex journeys that apply exceptions to standard pricing principles. A key additional benefit are study units on ticket exchanges and reissues resulting in a refund or an additional collection for the new ticket price or a penalty fee collection. Travel and tourism Fares and ticketing.

Crisis Communication Consulting Services Consulting. Over five days you will examine the economic, social and environmental impact of this business from a domestic and international perspective, and learn how you can develop new business prospects to extend your tourism portfolio to include niche markets and tour guiding.

Travel ticieting Tourism Workshop Classroom.

Amadeus - Airline Reservations This course is perfect for som Learn about the major digital transformation initiatives impacting the airline and its finance function, and build a change strategy with the help of IATA experts.

Improve your sales skills to successfully turn prospect and existing customers into returning customers and learn how to understand how industry regulations affect your travel operations.

Amadeus - 3 Months extension Ideal if you have run out of t By taking this course you will gain access to over 40 online HMM modules. Learn how to interpret special fare conditions and provide alternatives to system amaseus failures so you can offer the best deals that consider the accompanying ticket restrictions.

Destination Geography - E-Learning - English.

Amadeus Courses

This course will give you a considerable advantage over your competition, enabling you to perform complex transactions such as revalidating, exchanging, or reissuing tickets with confidence.

Passenger Fare Construction Toolkit. Serving the Travel Customer. Management traaining Leadership Training. Travel and Tourism Consultant. You will also explore fundamental communication skills essential for positive agent-customer interactions, practical ways to stay in touch with travelling customers, and how to win customer loyalty.

With new technology, passenger rail transportation offers comfort, speed, convenience and a rewarding travel experience. Drive organizational agility and flexibility by developing a change mindset and embracing new realities and market conditions.

Fares & Ticketing Training Courses | IATA Training

Selling and Managing Airline Reservations and Travel SMART course teaches the skills and knowledge required to sell, make and manage flight, hotel and car reservations in a simulation of the Sabre system. Passenger Proration - Advanced Classroom, 5 days. Alternatively, you may enrol at an Authorized Training Center to study these materials with the help of a local trainer. Tax Products Suite Financial Services.

Learn how proration can be a useful tool in maximizing the revenue of an airline, through proper pricing policy and fare structuring. Special Fares and Ticketing - Intermediate Classroom, 5 days.

Amadeus Courses

Our mission is to represent, lead and serve the airline industry. Please read the General Information on Distance Learning Exams, and check the Distance Learning - Course edition list for exams when booking your exam.

This course provides you with Ideal if you have run out of t You will develop new skills through practical exercises and with the support of reference materials to become the travel professional your customers trust.

Learn how to customize and construct complex travel itineraries, develop specialized knowledge of travel products and gain the skills to process ticket exchanges and reissues.

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