Fade to black bleach

As Ikkaku and Yumichika run up, Ukitake wonders what the monster is, and Shunsui says he doubts it is here to sign a peace treaty. As Zabimaru cuts into the ground, Ichigo tells Renji to listen to him and states Rukia is in trouble. In the past, as the girl screams for Rukia to help them, Rukia asks where they are as she runs up the hill. Telling her to not fall off, Kenpachi destroys more tentacles before one bites down on him. As Ichigo wonders what is going on, Kon says he does not know and reminds Ichigo he forgot who Rukia was for a period of time.

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As Renji is overwhelmed by it, the top of the mountain explodes as the ooze surges upward. As Ichigo runs through the corridors, Zabimaru crashes down on him, forcing him to block. Hearing belach approaching, she turns around to see Ichigo. Saying there is still a problem, Hitsugaya asks why they still have memories of Mayuri if he was attacked.

Retrieved from " http: As Rukia continues to scream, Ichigo says he is right here and tells Rukia to try to break through to him. Moving around a corner, they see a mountain of solidified ooze. As Ukitake and Shunsui express awe, Yamamoto states he is issuing an immediate order and says everyone is to stop the spread of this Reishi.

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Seeing she is crying, Rukia asks who they are, prompting the boy to tell the girl Rukia will not recognize her if she cannot see her face. Telling Kon to hang on tight, Ichigo launches himself into the air with his Reiatsu.

Saying they came back to see Rukia, the girl states it took them one hundred years. As Yoruichi tells him this is a nice move, Byakuya says he is going in bleacu. As Rukia notices something, Ichigo turns around to see the boy and girl lying on the ground. As the boy walks forward and raises his scythe, Rukia tells them to wait. As the dust settles, Ichigo tells her to stop this.

As the girl expresses surprise, the boy states Rukia might never remember their names because they took so much of her memory, and this would be horrible. When Shunsui says this is impossible, Komamura states he is sure of it and says he was struck by the intruder's demeanor, for he seemed very familiar with them.

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Getting up, he pulls back a panel to reveal a bookshelf. As a manta ray pushes him away, he uses Kirisaki, Benihimewhich fires a barrage of energy bullets from the shield, destroying the manta ray. As he says Ichigo has to bleadh her, Ichigo recalls Rukia asking him if he wants to save his family. Help improve our database by adding background information here. Revealing Rukia will disappear if this happens, the blacl asks her if she wants this.

In the Seireiteias 12th Division Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi presses dozens of keys, several gauges fill up, and pipes expel steam. After a tense moment, he reveals Hisana was born in the 78th district of Rukongai, Inuzuri. As the bars recede, Mayuri looks at Urahara, who states hlack thought so and says they will begin the process of regaining what they have all lost.

As Ichigo runs, part of a building appears above him and falls on the structure in front of him, destroying it. Jul 8, 5: Flying through piles of ooze, Ikkaku hits a hard, ooze-covered object. As Mayuri expresses surprise, Urahara states Mayuri's memories became confused, and their memories of a particular person disappeared shortly after this.

Hell Verse Black Butler: As his Reiatsu shatters the ooze around him, Kenpachi laughs manically and jumps towards the monster. As the vial glows, electricity crackles up the ropes connected to the machine as the girl states they did it.

Continuing to type, Mayuri leans toward his computer as he notices something and puts his finger to the screen. As lightning strikes all around the Seireitei and monsters made of ooze attack, ooze envelops another building as Rangiku and Hisagi appear.

As he lands, Rukia appears behind him and slashes at him, creating a torrent of dark Reiatsu which blasts him away. As Ichigo leaps away with Renji following him, Hisagi tells the Shinigami they will follow him.

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