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Open source workflow engine in C. The other classes refer to accessing the Acrobat Reader app itself, in the same way as Excel is manipulated using ActiveX. Now, at the end of your window's OnCreate handler, you call the control's Create function. I have the same problem trying to hide Acrobat toolbars I use Pdf1.

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If i move the Adobe-Toolbar around the document e. I did add the Adobe ActiveX Control to my dialogbased application. I have tried alot in other vieweres but they don't support that Thanks in advance. Conclusion I hope that this article has helped those of you who want to use PDF files within your own applications and only have the Acrobat Reader.

Unfortunately, even though this control is now acyivex of the Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser, it still seems to suffer from the bugs that it has had in all other versions of the Acrobat Reader. cnotrol

Check out my software web site: Sepp Obermayer Apr Dynamically from within an Authorware piece using the URL field By using the scripting functions that are part of the ActiveX Xtra The second method is generally better, since it offers greater control over the installation process. I'm hesitant to try it again. To achieve such a goal, I need acrobzt methods than are available in the base ActiveX Reader control.

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This can be done with one simple call to LoadFile on the control. I am a bit overwhelmed with the Active X classes I am being presented with! The guys at Adobe apparently aware of it, but do not wish to fix it. Message 10 of Is there any function to unload a file, after a file is loaded using LoadFile method? One should be Fit Page and the other Zoom Out. I could not find any information about how to close that file and open another one, but I played around with various combinations of the many promising yet mainly undocumented commands to try to do that.

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You can download it from Adobe. The Reader ActiveX control is limited. Crash on Tab-out chaau Jun Next you will need to import the type library for Acrobat, and be sure to click the Install button to install it into the IDE: Am I missing something?

Many thanks for posting this heads up for integration of activex control. During runtime, when the flow reaches the sprite Xtra icon, Authorware downloads and registers the control.

If you have any pointer in this direction or can help me, it will be great. At the Open method, the pdf file path from the dialog should be full path.

How to refresh the dialog? Does it really work? Message 8 of Please enter a title.

Macromedia Authorware - Installing ActiveX controls: Installing and Registering ActiveX Controls

Well, it still has a cativex of bugs. FileName works fine for the first file. Hi Rocky, Nice and very helpful article. In our application I have a structure that controls the file to be displayed by the acrobat reader control. The LoadFile function only has one argument for the file path and name.

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