Easy speak english

I dont really have many friends. V series and movies to improve it daily and to keep in-touch with english………….. If you don't have regular connection to the internet, you really need this. Record your own voice.

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Good luck, and let me know how it goes!

Speaking Rules - 5 rules for English speaking

Regular English Lessons Learn what to say and how to say things in daily conversations. Do you want to be able to recite the definition of a causative verb, or do you want to be able to speak English fluently? Put this you can make as many as you like where you will see it the most often — on the fridge, beside your computer, or beside your bathroom mirror.

As portable as your phone, in fact. I really thank to you for giving such a wonderful guide lines.

The same has to be in English. Hello sir I could speak english well but the problem is I can,ot understand the native speakers little bcoz they speak faster plz give me some tips Thank u for yr effort.

Build basic grammar skills pertaining to English aesy. But be aware, just because someone is a native speaker does not mean they are a good teacher. You can learn quickly and after some time you will not have to translate into your own language.

Learn Spanish

This is my main problem. This falls under your soft skills: Brain Training — Even if you decide to only learn Spanish as a hobby, knowing multiple languages will keep your brain healthy and nimble, even in old age.

I want to improve them and be a better english engilsh or speaker.

Are you afraid of new people? You will want to share what you have learned with your friends and family. Good luck with your studies!

It is important to understand what they are saying, but this is more of an advanced lesson that should be studied after learning the fundamental basics of English. This can still be a good option once you already know some Spanish and just want to practice, but you must be prepared to teach your counterpart English.

Every time I see my classmates speaking English as if they were native speakers, I feel envious and lose confidence. The speech recognition feature even helps you improve your pronunciation. Join existing conversation clubs in your local area 6. What if you want to be able to give a speech in Spanish? Learn how to study English vocabulary. Watching films that you have already seen in your language can help, but lots of films have difficult dialogue, action and strong accents.

Post a profile on an expat website offering language exchange services, or why not post some useful advice for people who just arrived in your local area. After a sessions doing this, try to find a friend to speak English with, even if just a few words to start with. You can also motivate each other and point out basic mistakes. Recently I know what to do for speak fluent english. Do you feel confident negotiating and striking deals?

If you want to pass examinations, then study grammar.

How to Speak English With Confidence in 9 Easy Steps

Try speaking English to others in smaller englihs to build up your confidence. Thanks for these helpful tips. Rather, you need to find out why you want to learn English for yourself. Thank you so much for these tips.

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