Basant ki vaar

Who are these murakhs taking about the devil? Watch and listen how one of Yogi Bhajans students teaches the demons way. Newer Topic Older Topic.

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I thought it is a Hukam to chant the Gurus shabad Al least they reading. The three great benefits of chanting Naam as per the second Pauri are — taming of 5 vices, elimination of all diseases and becoming one with Vaheguru jee.

Basant Ki Vaar -

Yogi Bhajan does not equal Bhai Mani Singh. The way to blossom like a flower that blossoms in spring, is chanting Naam but the only way one can get Naam is if is pre-ordained by Vaheguru jee.

Reply to this topic He did not want the Sikhs to know what he really was teaching them. Like the Var of Balvand and Satta, but unlike any other var in the Guru Granth Sahib, this Var does not have any slokas added to the pauris. If yoga concentrates the mind, if yoga helps you in your naam simran then good for you I say. With respect to Siri Akal Ustat, Siri Guru jee did such lofty praise Ustat caar Akal Purakh that one gets astonished and awed but by basannt it like this Guru Sahib jee is giving the message that it's not possible to complete the Ustat of Vaheguru jee.

There is much more lies and cheating this devil, yogi bhajan has done with the Khalsa Panth. Posted March 7, The Paath starts with allusion to blossoming but the blossoming here is not of vegetation but of the Gursikh who meditates on Naam.

BASANT KI VAR - Kanth kareeae

Afterwards the devil Yogi Bhajan told his naive students, if Sikhs ask you anything. What about half of Punjab high on drugs - did the Gurus teach us that? If you have an account, please sign in. Vars are heroic ballads included in the Guru Granth Sahib.

The Gurus never taught us these demon ways - someone posted earlier with a video clip of someone teaching yoga. Like Malhar the raga of the rainy season the The Basant Ki Var is an ancient seasonal raga - the raga of springtime. When maharaj does kirpa he can bless with money raaj bhaag and many things.

The devil, yogi bhajan, says vaar certain hand positions are needed.

The devil would be kicked out of Amritsar and completely embarrassed before his naive students. Home Audio Video Literature. I agree its bit of slippery gasant but why worry?

Basant Ki Vaar

This is your fathers Bani on sale. Posted April 27, No, ,i only sakhi is some greedy yoga masand twisting and concocting these lies.

Basant ki Vaar does not come up in chapter 8 of Shardha Pooran Granth. Who are these murakhs taking about the devil?

Basant Ki Vaar - Millionaire Mantra? - GUPT | ANONYMOUS - SIKH SANGAT

Edited March 3, by Bundha. Muslim Amere Dhaliwal faking as a Sikh. Click here to login. The repeated Paath of this Vaar with concentration and love gets the mind focused which in turn enhances the experience of Naam Abhyaas. The devil was hiding his true devil teachings from the Sikhs of Punjab.

Posted March 2, What about our youth who cannot even wear a dastaar any more and plat their hair and tuck it behind their heads and wear a bandana on top - did the Gurus teach us that?

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