Drop it low lil wayne

All of the Lights. Ester Dean, you can get it Look, I like a nice two pack and a booty on biggie What's really good? How low can you go ludacris song.

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We loosin the close but this way after the show though. Girl I like the way ya booty booty booty drop. Long as a flute, baby tell me can you blow though. Girl I like the way ya booty boom bu ba boom Ba boom ba boom boom boom.

You rockin' that body girl, let me see you move it. You've got a body made for a peep show, Makin' me wanna put you all in droo videos You know I really want ya, Let me put it on ya, I can trans-I can trans- I can transform ya, Girl flex uhh, Time to have sex uhh. I see ya'll out there. Yo chris, talk to 'em.

Mutha fuckin swag got a whole lot of mojo. Weezy, chris brown Polo da down Drop it low girl!

Drop It Low (Remix) Lyrics

Girl ca-can you dro-drop it low? Ayywhere she at? This is the remix yeah come on I see you polow They call me diddy, trey songz, chris, wezzy If ya ass too big I make ya back that ass up, I only go down if ya keep ya grass cut, Hair to the back, hat to the front, Weezy f baby tatted on the butt Ok, still remixin with one of these vixens, I make her ride me like I'm sea biscuit Ms ester dean you can get it I like a nice two pack and a booty on biggie.

Ya booty girl, that thing is like a mac truck. Release Date December 1, Sign a couple autographs, take a couple photos.

Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. The Bling Ring Suite. Drop It Low Remix feat. None fresh as this best check your chick fella fella Best check your bitch fella fella.

Ester Dean – Drop It Low (Remix) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Girl you move that thing like you know. Sex wyane crazy, spanish, loco. We gon' mmake them take them panties-panties, take them panties off. Crown On The Ground. Produced by Polow da Don.

Drop It Low (Remix)

I'm a give a million dollars to the chick who can get the lowest, Now drop it low for me, drop it low for me Drop it low for me, drop it low. I'm about to give her the business.

Do, re, me, fa, so, la, de, do. Especially the big girls I like when the big girls drop it low.

Ester Dean ft. Lil Wayne & Chris Brown - "Drop It Low" (Remix) | PigeonsandPlanes

And we won't stop. Wantin to get my eyes with you clothes. Went under the belt then she hit me with the low blow. What you know about it Swagger too good I should notarize it Yeah they call me tune no bugs crop Make the booty clap give it up for me Yeah it's young money you know I brung money I make that booty talk connie chung for me I got her butt naked in a red snuggie I make her drop it low like she duckin from me Now where she at, where she at, There she go, there she go, She brang it back, br brang it back, Then she drop it low drop it low Ya digg!

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