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This expansion opens a new series of quests and dungeons with a unique top down camera angle. Awakening of the Ice Dragon". Paris Strikes Back was the second expansion to Dragonica and was released only in Europe on 23 June

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At the beginning of the game, players are allowed to noth from one of six basic classes and accumulate levels in order to advance into deeper specialties with more abilities and skills. Awakening of the Ice Dragon". Not even the Shadow Cabinet could hold Elga forever — a thousand years after being trapped, Elga found a method to release his darkness into the world, sending minions to attack the lands in preparation for his arrival.

They shut down their service on August 31,and Gravity Interactive re-launched the North American service [21] in mid-October of that year under the new name Dragon Saga, after purchasing Barunson Interactive, the game's developer.

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All the classes introduced in Paris Strikes Back were also made available in the North American version of this expansion.

Archived from the dragonca on August 14, This expansion builds on the previous update, with new maps, class balances, events, monsters, dungeons and equipment. Whilst being free-to-play, the game also includes a cash shop that allows for unique dragobica of player's characters. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Worlds Collide was the fifth official expansion for Dragon Saga. The leader of the dragons, Dark Dragon Elga, would continue to mount attacks, but was pushed back when five heroes of legend defeated and trapped dragonnica in a prison known as the Shadow Cabinet.

Missions are often composed of four main mission modes increasing in difficulty and a fifth scenario unlocked when the previous modes have been completed.

Players control a character in a three-dimensional plane but the scope of movement is mainly focused on the horizontal axis with limited vertical movement, much like the arcade style side-scrolling classics. Archived from the original on 30 April The references used may be made clearer with a different or consistent style of citation and footnoting.

Grand Opening of ‘Dragonica™ Online’ for North America - Blue's News

Players in groups gain bonus experience and, with the right group composition, will find it dragonicaa easier to progress through the game. As of 15 Februarythere are currently a total of four class advancements in the game bringing the total number of playable classes to The expansion includes a new playable race that has 2 new classes.

CBT Shift and Extension! This article needs additional citations for verification. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. Eventually, the dragons nofth banished to the ancient realm of Aether. As the name suggests, large portions of Pagosia are entombed in ice, with its frosty appearance enhanced by the spooky spectral creatures that live in its fresh landscape. These 2 classes are the summoner and the twin fighter.

This expansion opens a new series of quests and dungeons with a unique top down camera angle. This article has an unclear citation style. This includes new class abilities, quest lines, 10 new zodiac themed dungeons with 4 difficulty levels, an increased level cap lvl 85 for players.

The fourth chapter to the story is added and as a result the world map has had a complete overhaul due to the influence of chaos in the world of Dragotaka.

Each step in the mission becomes significantly more difficult than the previous and oftentimes requires a group to complete. Although many of these missions can be done by oneself, the benefits of tackling these missions with others far outweigh that of taking them on alone. Players can also perform ground and aerial combos by utilizing certain skills in order to render enemies unable to retaliate but can also play the role of a healer or supporter when necessary.

In its current state, players can progress through 75 levels in the North American release with the level cap reaching as high as 80 on servers in Asia. The expansion follows the player as they help Crete save her lover, the god Pios, from the chaos of the corrupted Zodiac!

Players can discover hidden dungeons and defeat powerful elementals, dragons, and monsters while crafting powerful elemental weapons and armors. The second phase of the Elga Unleashed expansion known as Elemental Guardians introduces new content including two new dungeons.

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