Ensaio sobre a cegueira

Still, what he produced in this novel reads just like an assignment in a creative writing class: I found the author's depiction of human behavior totally disgusting, mostly accurate but a bit exaggerated. April 30, — Shelved as: The second third of this novel is horrifying. At the end of the story, she and the old man with the black eye patch become lovers.

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No vengeance, no attack, no blame between man and wife? Oct 13, The author put us all through a type of hell reading of the debasement of man through the sickness of ensaioo blindness.

Renato Magalhães Rocha’s review of Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira

If any of these 3 are weak or--worse--unbelievable, then the book is no more than a 2. Incredible if not mysterious writing.

Reading Blindness you will hear clear echoes of many of them. It was beautifully done. When the ward of hoodlums begins to demand that the women sleep with them in order to be fed, the first blind man's wife volunteers to go, in solidarity with the others.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Obviously none of that prowess spilled over into this book. InSaramago received the Nobel Prize for Literature, and Blindness was one of his works noted sobrf the committee when announcing the award.

Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira: A arquitetura de um romance

Now I can read something good. After reading the first few pages that follow the exile from the ward or is it liberation?

Oct 18, Our sinners collect it cegjeira basins and perform thorough ritual cleansings, as in: Saramago enjoyed penning the details of the rape scenes. It took me quite a while to get used to the author's lack of grammar. They are going to use this robbery as a leaping-off point for the story's apex.

He is a good writer for the right "reader. Maybe it's a slow build to something good?

Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira

For the film adaptation of the novel, see Blindness film. The breakdown of society is near total. In this sense the novel is dystopian fiction. He was doing an excellent job of portraying them as inhuman without the rape scene. The second third of this novel is horrifying.

The wife of the first fegueira man goes blind soon after helping her husband to the quarantine. He is the only one in the ward who can read and write braille and who knows how to use a walking stick.

As sudden as it came, one by one the cegueirz victims began to be able to see. Oct 10, Then she and the girl with dark glasses took a shower under the rain. But, the rivalry suddenly exists on a day when, before, it didn't.

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Ensaio Sobre a Cegueira: A arquitetura de um romance by José Saramago (2 star ratings)

And I really hated the ending The blindness is contagious. In very many ways the middle of this book feels like a violation of the reader's trust. How's it communicated, by air, by touch, by water, by spore?

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