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Which is mostly what matters in the end. One of the least useful features in this add-on is the group quest tracking feature. Zorba's working on it right now: Not getting rid of the programs completly.

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Or was it straight to the "okay lets rip this kittys face off" Rofl, it was. Donations are very appreciated, but definitely not mandatory. This add-on has several useful features that its nearest competitor, quest helper, does not. Carbonite carboniite been my most important add on since Burning Crusade. You have just downloaded by the author.

In carbonute end Carbonite is a lot more than just a questing addon. And it will become a lot easier to get the EK and Kalimdor quest achievements.

Carbonite or Quest helper? - WoWInterface

Heloer - The Carbonite map gives you all the information you need in one carbpnite to use and flexible Google like map. Good news questt those who did not want to pay for it I don't think it can handle any quests more complicated then that.

Send a private message to littlebuddha Even if Blizzards isn't good enough to completely replace Carbonite or QuestHelper out of the box, it will likely provide enough data to allow people to make the same types of addons that are cleaner and far more efficient that do just as carrbonite.

This is the smaller version of the world map you get via clicking the Southwest arrow at the top of the world map New change for build Yay. Those pesky narrow valleys to quest objectives you cant see til your standing at them are much easier to find. Carbonite all the way i like being able to log into dalaran whenever i want honestly I have found a few quests missing in carbonite, well not missing but wrong coords and also lightheaded has comments which means sometimes you find helpful tips such as do this quest with this one and this one since they are near or in the same place as the first quest.

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Our mission is to provide the most feature rich and reliable addon in the WOW universe. My other point is this feature does not play the game carbointe you. A project Blizzard intended to finish for Patch 3. When a player turns on the quest tracker, the add-on shows a mini-map on the side of his screen. Send a private message to Miralen.

Originally Posted by Bradik. Another thing - it only does the basic "here's where you go for this quest". But if you're accustomed to more "hand-holding" than that, it doesn't seem like the Blizzard system will be much help.


However, when I don't load Carbonite Quest, it does not auto-accept. Find More Posts by Pigl33t. The code can track and show different items on the Carbonite miniature map feature.

In reply to Sukkertop: No I just hang out on wowui when Zorba was chewing the cud over it. It was a big surprise for her and her first death experience told her the game wasn't for her.

Originally Posted by Arthinos Questhelper hands down. This author has set up a donation account.

Check quewt out yourself! The time now is Users can zoom in and out of areas on the map to get a better idea of where their characters are. I see this as a very good feature, though I don't use leveling mods apart from LightHeaded myself. Im working on fix for this.

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