Example xslt file

However, we believe that one should stick to simple data-driven rule-based programming for simple translation problems. You should understand that XSLT templates , when applied using the xsl: XSLT is a rather complex transformation language.

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Transform in your editor, or use a server-side solution. Usually, this instruction is inserted in the beginning of the file after xsl: The following code will override the default rules and will help you find some problems.

It then processes the source tree's root node, finds the best-matching template for that node in the stylesheet, and evaluates the template's contents. They are likely to co-exist ezample they meet different needs. In principle, the following should work, but your browser e.

XSLT Tutorial - Basics

The second template applies to all speech elements that have the speaker attribute set to Arthurand formats them as blue blocks within which the value speaker attribute is added before the text. Although XSLT is designed as a special-purpose language for XML transformation, the language is Turing-completemaking it theoretically capable of arbitrary computations.

This is flle you will see your XML contents lumped together in case you forgot to write templates. Retrieved 13 November The XPath tutorial - basics article introduces additional features of XPath.

Retrieved 21 Xalt XSLT was primarily conceived as a stylesheet language whose primary goal was to render XML for the xelt reader on screen, on the web as web template languageor on paper. Wikibooks has a book on the topic of: Firefox may not cope. When you test your first style sheet, it is likely that some of your contents will appear non-formatted.

It will walk down the tree and do nothing else, i.

Example XSLT File

The full stylesheet which includes extra information on pagination and margins is available. Instead of letting the XSLT processor select and apply templates that we also call rules here in "natural order", you can define which templates should by applied within a given context. Retrieved 20 September By default the first one is applied. All articles with unsourced statements Flie with unsourced statements from July Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers Articles with example code.

IBM Knowledge Center

If you code manually each title with a specific attribute, the solution is simple, e. The processor follows a fixed algorithm.

Retrieved from " https: Or maybe the following, but it won't work with Firefox 19, i. XSL is intended for complex formatting where the content of the document might be displayed in multiple places; for example the text of a heading might also appear in a dynamically generated table of contents.

XSLT is a rather complex transformation language.

Conditional programming constructs only should be used in complex functional programming code It is particularly used for formatting of print documents. This gives substantial performance benefits in online publishing applications, where the same ezample is applied many times per second to different source documents.

What is XSL?

However, after the XSL specification draft became very large and complex, it was decided to split the project into two parts: The original document is not changed; rather, a new document is created based on the content of an existing one. Then she began to weep, and she wept and wept as if she could never be comforted.

For the moment, the documentation is the code below

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