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You need sample data in order to know your field names and the hierarchical relationships to properly mark up the template. Click the Actions menu, then click Export , then click Data. Please reach out and let us know how we can help. This is important if the data contains the same element name grouped under different parent elements.

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The Template Builder for Excel does not support preview for templates that exdel subtemplates. In the example below, I am looking for a list of affiliates with their respective rebate percentage. When working in connected mode, you can choose whether to view the data structure using the Business View names or the XML Tag Names as defined in the data model. Log in to the BI Publisher server and download sample data from the data model for which you want to design a template.

The above definition creates a second outer group. If you have maintained the connection during the design process, click builddr of the following to upload your completed template to the BI Publisher server: You must uninstall the Analyzer for Excel to use the Template Builder.

If you are using a version later than Excel to create your template and then save as Excelensure that you do not use any features of the later version that are not supported in Excel etmplate Suite Houston, TX When you select a line of code in the Field Browser, the corresponding cells in the template are highlighted, so you know which field you are editing, deleting, or viewing. To call the subtemplate, declare the cell name for which the results should be returned in Column A, then enter the call-template syntax with any other XSL processing to be performed.

The connection enables you to browse the BI Publisher catalog and load sample data from an existing report or data model. The following functions can be added to your template using the commands shown and a combination of BI Publisher syntax and XSL. Navigate to your report and click once.

Insert a new Hire Date column. publihser

Splitting the Data bkilder a Specific Field Splitting the Data by Count of Rows Splitting the data by row count is an option when your report data exceeds the sheet row size of Excel 65, rows per sheet. The Template Viewer merges the selected data with the selected template and spawn the appropriate viewer.

Using the Template Builder for Excel

If you are creating nested groups inserting a loop or group inside of another loop in the templatethe On Grouping checkbox is selected and the For Each field is not editable because it is already defined by the preexisting outer loop.

For ppublisher on downloading the tool, see Desktop Tools. If the template preview is not builderr the results expected, then you can use the Template Viewer to enable trace settings to view debug messages.

The following example shows how to use both options. If you are familiar with XSL this can be a very useful debugging tool.

To insert a field: In the BI Publisher Properties dialog, select the following: Because this is the first field you are inserting, a message displays stating that the metadata sheet will be created. The following sections provide more detail on the Template Builder features when working in connected mode: When creating a nested for-each loop, select On Grouping to repeat the for-each loop only when the element appears within the parent loop.

Using the Template Builder for Excel

publishee The publosher of the data for this example. Note from the sample data that the value for borderColor is "FF" blue. There is no tool to facilitate the markup of the template with BI Publisher tags; all tags must be manually coded. In addition, if your template includes a large number of defined names and these are used in multiple levels of nested groups, Excel may not be able to handle the number of generated defined names. If you do not have access to the report data model, but you can access the report, then you can alternatively save sample data from the report viewer.

Open - enables interaction with the BI Publisher catalog. Once you have saved the sample data from the report data model to a local directory, load it to the Template Builder. Insert the Calculated Salary Field Finally, insert the second Salary field that is to be an aggregated sum for each department.

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